Goerlich Steffen

Dienstag, 11.09.2018, 11.10 – 11.30
Comparison of Radiance based and Irradiance based Blue Light Hazard Measurements

Abstract: The standard EN 62471 about Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems defines the Blue Light Hazard measurements as Radiance based. Additionally it describes an alternative method based on Irradiance and working with an aperture in the source plane. Often a suited Radiance meter is not available and the alternative has to be used. The poster shows a comparison of both methods on selected samples – a LED, a LED illuminaire, a LED wall and a high pressure gas discharge lamp. Differences of the measuring results are discussed.

Steffen Goerlich

Referent: 1980 - 85 Studium Elektrotechnik -- 1985 - 1998 Wissenschaftl. Mitarbeiter Zeiss Jena/ Jenoptik -- seit 1998 Geschäftsführer JETI GmbH Jena