Sanchez Alonso Andrés

[B2] Montag, 10.09.2018, 15.10 – 15.30
A glance into the bright future

It is time to challenge our understanding of lighting design, given the opportunities provided by the new technologies. How the design mindset of the lighting design community will evolve? In the light of current developments, brand new and upcoming technologies, our design approach and creation process has to be rethought. Educate ourselves and our clients, so that we all understand that the functional, technological and emotional elements of lighting design will merge more than ever. Nowadays luminaires become data collectors in networks, little by little. And on the other hand, virtual reality and augmented reality are tools which are already making an impact on the world of architecture and so it will be in the lighting design world. Let's have a glance into the future.


Andrés Sánchez Alonso, Lichtvision Design, Berlin

Based in Berlin, Andrés comes from the world of architectural design. His fascination of how light models the space made him focus on lighting design. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Engineering (Mexico City) and a M.A. in Architectural Lighting Design (Germany). His design approach and experience have been gained since 18 years through collaboration with independent architectural and lighting design studios. In 2010 he joined Lichtvision and since then he continues to pursue the enhancement of perception and quality of spaces through the strategic use of lighting. The roles of lighting and technology in human life and their impact on other species are of major interest to him. Currently Andrés is Senior Associate at Lichtvision and has been involved on a full range of small to large scale projects, both international and local.

Geboren am 17.01.1978 in Mexiko City
2002 Bachelor Degree "Architecture & Engineering", Mexiko City
2002-2005 Architektur Designer, Mexiko
2006-2009 Lichtplaner, Mexiko
2007 Diplom "Architectural Lighting Design" Mexiko City
2011 Masterstudium "Architectural Lighting Design", Wismar
Seit 2010 Lichtplaner bei Lichtvision
2017 Referent PLDC "Evolution: What comes next?", Paris

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