Lasauskaite Ruta

[D1] Montag, 10.09.2018, 12.15 – 12.20
Acute effects of lighting color temperature on mental effort and associated cardiovascular response

Higher correlated color temperature of light contains a higher proportion of short- wavelength light and is associated with higher alertness state. Based on motivational intensity theory by Brehm, we predicted that this lighting-induced alertness state should inform about the readiness to perform and this way influence subjective task demand and thus mental effort investment. We tested these predictions of in a set of experimental studies. Effort was quantified as changes in beta-adrenergic sympathetic nervous system impact on the heart. The results show that spectral properties of light can influence mental effort mobilization.

Dr. Ruta Lasauskaite
Centre for Chronobiology, Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel

After obtaining her PhD degree in psychology from the University of Geneva in 2013, Ruta Lasauskaite worked at the Lucerne School for Engineering and Architecture on applied research projects concerning interior architecture. Since 2016, she is conducting fundamental research projects focusing on lighting effects on motivation at the Centre for Chronobiology in Basel.

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